Hair PRP treatment, we first take a bit of your blood and then through a centrifuge we get platelets rich plasma from that we transfer the plasma to the area.

In PRP treatment plasma is taken from your own blood this has growth factors that help healing processes by using growth factors from your own body and the area that is chosen is injected

PRP has been used world wide for many years for wound healing soft tissue healing and hair loss treatment.

What is PRP Hair treatment?

PRP is applied in areas that are thinning and shedding, from male pattern baldness PRP is used to help strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. PRP is preffered as a supportive treatment for hair transplantation operations because of its possitive effects of helping the bodys natural healing process and Strengthening the hair after operation.

How is PRP Treatment applied?

PRP is carried out in the hospital the process starts with taking blood from the person then by centrifugation Platelet rich consituents of the blood are separated. Then the plasma is injected into the scalp of the person. The whole process takes around 1 to 1 and a half hours.

Who is PRP treatment useful for?

Men and women who have thinning hair or hair loss are all eligible for PRP Treatment.

Treatment is performed in reapeated sessions it can be carried out ever 2 months or ever 1 month this is to the down to the person who wants this. Usually our patients use this for 1 year. There are also more intensive treatments mesotherapy and both can be applied but there should be a 15 day waiting period between them.

How does PRP and hair transplantation together work?

PRP with hair transplantation goes hand in hand The PRP helps the damaged tissue from DHI to heal more rapidly and also help strengthen your hair overall keeping blood circulation high in the area and help activate the gowth phase for the hair.

PRP treatment with growth factor helps ensure the hair will get oxygen and nutrient it needs in a short about of time with the new microvascular growth hormone it contains so overall the hair has increasted rate of growth.

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