Hair transplant is also possible for women, first we will determine what type of hairloss there is after this has been sucessfully diagnosed hair transplantation can be perforemed if there is shedding at the same rate everywhere on the body then hair transplantation may not be suitable in such cases but however different treatments can be applied.

Hair transplants can be generally sucessful if diagnosed with ‘male pattern baldness’ in females so dont give up hope.

DHI method is applied in women aswell as men In this method hair is collected one by one and the hairless region is placed by opening micro needling it back in.

When you decide to have a hair transplantation some women are worried about shaving there hair completely, good thing that there is a work around to this by using long hair transplant method this allows you to have your current hair however incisions are going to be made the healing process takes 2-3 days overall.

A smaller area of aprox 2000 – 2500 hair follicles are collected in this method, it may seem as its not alot but however its just as effective.

‘Male pattern baldness’ type of hair loss in women is not a disadvantage at all and is just as successful with our methods. we can make your hair come back to life.

Hair transplant allows you the person to live happily and remain positive about their own image, and will help with overall self esteem.

Causes of hairloss in women

  • Androgenetic (Hereditary)
  • Thyroid diseases (Hyothyroid,Hyperthyroidismm)
  • Anemia due to iron deficiency
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Incomplete protein-containing nutrition (diet)
  • Hormonal changes in the post partum period
  • Menopause
  • High fever diseases
  • Some medications (Birth control, Antidepressant drugs, some stomach medications, over intake of vitamin A etc.)
  • Cancer treatments
  • Accidents (burn Trauma)
  • Hair breakout diseases (Trichotillomania)
  • Scalp infecitions (Bacterial,Fungal)
  • Immune system related diseases (Lupus etc.)
  • Bunching hair up very tightly
  • Stress
  • Seasonal
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