Beard & Mustache Transplantation can be beneficial for people who want a more full beard most men who have less facial hair usually uccurs due to a testosterone issue or a deficiency, all can be fixed with our revival service.

DHI Beard & Mustache Transplantation


Facial hair transplant is pretty much the same as a hair transplant only just on the face. Using the DHI method hair is taken from the back of the head and from the back of the ears, after this is done it is transfered to the beard area of the face.

The operations is performed under local anestetic no serious pain is recived to the patient after some time no scars will be left.

Beard & Mustache Transplant Stages

Consultation: The consultation Is done with the doctor examining the areas that wish to be filled, two important points are considered; The need for having facial transplant and how many grafts can be taken from the donor area.

Operation: First the hair from the donation area is extracted then later during the operation the way the individual hair will grow (so the actual direction of the hair) will be determined. After Care: Once the main operation is over, PRP treatment is applied to the transplanted areas, later on you should be careful of the areas and what will be shown to you is how to wash the areas.


After 1 week the healing process will start, it takes 15 days to recover and restore the area to normal, after care should be done strictly to help the process after 6 months the area should be growing at a more noticable rate then the full result will be highly noticable within 12 months.

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