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Dr. Kinyas, exposes the natural performance in planting with the highest DHI hair transplant technique, also succeeded in being the pioneering hair transplant center in Turkey.



Dr. Kinyas®, hair transplant procedures have the best and latest tech for DHI we are Turkey’s best and latest surgeons.

Dr. Kinyas®, in 2012 we have the highest amount of pateints 6000 plus, we have a lot of experience.

Why you should choose Dr. Kinyas?

VIP Transfer

With us we pick you up from the airport from the air port you will be taken to our hotel than to our clinic and dropped off back to the airport your in safe hands as a VIP.


With us you will stay at a 5 star hotel for 2 nights and 3 days The hotel is Grand Cevhir Hotel its truely a breathless experience.

Come With Your A Friend

Without paying extra you can sign up with your friends so you can all stay together.


You will have a translator with you to help aid you through and through.

Specialists Staff

Our Specialist Doctor and his profestional team will be there to help your operation go as smoothly as possible with The DHI technique.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Without shaving your hair, a hair transplant can be done for males and female hair.

24/7 Support Service

Questions you have our 24 hour support team will get back to you before and after the surgery.

Life Time Guarantee

If you for some strange reason dont trust us we are giving you a life time guarantee, Any scares you do have know we have your back.

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia will be used in our operation you won't be unconscious during the operation and we won't take any extra.

Facial Hair & Chest Hair

If you do not have enough roots left on your hair we can take hair from your face and your chest without taking extra.

MAX Grafts

We analyze your donor area and we use MAX graft cultivation to keep a natural apearence of your hair.

After Operation

You can continue on to your normal life after the procedure immediately or you can choose to stay for a little longer and enjoy some sight seeing in Turkey its all your choice!

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